Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Note from a "Posterity" of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
When referencing "Posterity," it is used in the most liberal fashion of the term as this blood relative spoken of never did bear children of their own. In fact, Samuel Huntington, adopted and raised his niece and nephew as his own when his brother passed away. Sam pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor among 56 other men when he signed the Declaration of Independence, but he also signed the Articles of Confederation a mere 5 years later. He signed the Articles of Confederation while sitting as the President of the Continental Congress Assembled, so he is arguably the very first President of the United States because the "United States" was first mentioned in these Articles and it had operative qualities as the colony's first constitutional compact.

Although Sam was a farm boy and a couple of his siblings were privileged with attending Yale University, he studied at his own pace and decided at 16 that he would study law. By 23, he was admitted by the Kingdom of Britain to practice law. When he was the sitting President, he was faced with the climax of the American Revolutionary War where many of this predecessors betrayed the United States and became English-sympathizers. What might come as a shock to many is that the Articles of Confederation, of which was signed under his watch, was perhaps the single most offensive writing against the commercial and diplomatic relations between the United States and the English Crown in their history of relations. The reason for this is because it violated multiple different provisions in multiple different treaties between the British North American Colonies and the Crown, thus also violating the internationally adopted Law of Nations.

Samuel Huntington
After several weeks of contemplation, the decision was made to clear a great deal of confusion up about the Declaration of Independence. Many scholars concede to the erroneous idea that this document was somehow a "declaration of war." This can be no further from the truth. If this was a declaration of war, how then could the American Revolutionary War have been fought for nearly 15 months already? It could not have. The American Revolutionary War would have had to began on or about 4 July 1776, thus it was not a declaration of war. It was simply a tort claim and this tort claim was against King George for the atrocities committed against the members of the British North American Colonies. It was not until 1783 that the American Revolutionary War ended only because of the Peace Treaty of Paris. Once this treaty was formed, leaders of the United States were required to sign the Constitution for the People of the United States into operation, thus succeeding the Articles of Confederation.

The Declaration of Independence is understood to have power behind it because of "American independence." This is grossly misunderstood. Where does power come from? Power comes from having the correct information and taking actionable cause with that information. If the United States really had independence, why then is the United States still indebted to the English Crown? The reason for the American Revolutionary War was because the colonists believed they could abscond from their financial obligations to the Crown for protecting them during the French-Indian War. The same happened during the Civil War, which might be why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and that also lends to the notion that John Kennedy would have been assassinated for the same reason.

Most Presidents Related to King John
The Constitution is a debt instrument where the debt must be paid every four years on the 5th of November. This is why Section 4 of the 14th Amendment reads: "The validity of the public debt of the United States…shall NOT be questioned." It is not widely known that most all U.S. Presidents have had blood relations with the English Crown and that, accordingly to Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8: "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States." This means that the U.S. President is "presiding" over the debt of the nation and his actions must be in consensus with the English Crown. An Esquire is a title of nobility, but can only be granted admission to practice law in the United States via the British Accreditation Regency (BAR).

In the legal field, we often hear that "ignorance of the law is no excuse." If law is based on contractual arrangements, ignorance of the law has no power in the course of daily affairs.

(The Newsroom)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Stigma of Network Marketing

I was exposed to network marketing when I was a teenager in high school. I never heard of it before and it sounded like a very smart business model. By helping others, who wanted to help themselves, succeed I also succeed. When I began sharing with others the idea of making money together, I was met with more resistance than I had initially expected only because of the business model. "Oh, is this one of those pyramids?" How about "I don't like taking advantage of my friends and family"? Or "That looks like a Ponzi scheme"?

So, why all the stigma? First off is people do not like being sold to - emphasis on NOT! - and we are bombarded with over 3,000 advertisements daily. It is all noise and mostly crap! What are people receptive too? Sharing. If a rumor can be spread like wildfire so to can the word of a good product in the hands of a social butterfly or even a few people. Most people will not share anything other than their opinion of another person, the latest political fiasco, or what they thought about a film after watching it. Just look at Facebook. Everybody has a story and 99% of them share their ideas for free while Facebook makes the money. Hmmm…I wonder why Facebook is the largest company in the world now?

Secondly, Americans are well known for being "too trusting" yet too lazy to do their own homework, so they easily fall wayside into a scam. The problem here is that Americans have become too lazy to do their own homework on much of anything anymore. We are complacent; broke enough to complain and comfortable enough not to do anything about it. Americans complain all of the time about Nigerian scammers and how they lost a great deal of of money. Has anybody you know ever not been sent to the cleaners by another American? I didn't think so.

How the world sees Americans
What is the point? Do your homework! Rich people can tell if a person is too lazy and ignorant for their own good when that person will begin resisting a partnership BEFORE that same person performs their own due diligence. If that person continues to resist looking things up, they just crossed the line of ignorance to stupidity. Most of the time, the concern of a Ponzi scheme, pyramid or otherwise is predicated on one's fear of being disturbed and getting off the couch. Why? They are comfortable enough not to do anything about their situation.

Third and finally, most Americans have never been successful at any business, let alone network marketing. Why? Because most people here in America do not understand how to do business or perform beyond the classroom. They never knew anybody who had a successful business and, if they did, they never inquired to learn from them. We glorify academics and a professional education instead. Then, we wonder why the Indians from India are running all of the convenient stores, the Mexicans have all of the landscaping businesses, Asians are dominating medical practices, and the far East has the oil industry by the balls.

95% of Americans today are looking for job security in a world that requires a business opportunity for financial security. We are now a globalized marketplace and Americans are still primarily focused on a job. Every other market outside of the United States is on fire right now when it comes to network marketing. A millionaire is made every 5 days. Why? They are hungry and we are comfortable. The world economy has moved on, but will Americans move with it? One thing is for sure. If we don't get our butts in gear, we are toast.

The Business of the 21st Century

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Get Rich? Pay Yourself First!

(70/30 Rule)
Most everyone we know spends what they receive, whether it is a job, small business, or licensed practice. Ancient Babylon is known as one of the wealthiest civilizations in the history of mankind. Why? People from ancient Babylon were known to pay themselves first. This means that as soon as they received their pay, they would pay themselves first before paying their bills. At least 10 percent was devoted to church/charitable missions, 10 percent was devoted to their savings, and 10 percent to investments/business. This is known as the "70/30 Rule."

People today do not pay themselves first. This has become a forgotten financial principle that the Jewish culture practices to this day and people wonder why the Jewish culture is so rich. They might be considered "greedy" in many ways from those outside of their communities, but they are smart when it comes to finance. I was guilty of not paying myself first for most of my life. In fact, when I was 18 years of age I devoted most of every paycheck to building my business. When my one-man-bandwagon went defunct, so did my personal finances. I hardly devoted any of my earnings to my church and I did not save anything. Everything else went to my monthly bills. I set myself up for failure.

Today, the rules are no different. When we follow the "pay ourself first" habit we might notice something real quick. We are not paying "ourselves" anything. When we devote any given percentage of our income to the three different categories I mentioned above, none of the monies technically result in our own immediate benefit. Business requires that we service others, church or charity requires that we service others, and putting some aside in savings services others - whomever we choose to leave it with after we leave this earth. When we save and if we have any sense of self-control and discipline about ourselves and respect for money, those funds are out of our hands forever.

If you have never heard of the story of the late Paul J. Meyer (1928-2009), you are in for a real treat and a good illustration of my point. Mr. Meyer was known as the "father of the motivational industry" after he founded Success Motivation International, Inc. in 1960. Near the end of this life, Mr. Meyer had a single goal and that goal was to die broke after having earned many millions over the length of his career. How did he plan to accomplish this? He hired two accountants with the primary job of giving his money away to worthy charitable causes. The problem he ran into real fast was that for every dollar he gave away he would generate a multiple of this through his business. Before long, he quickly began receiving more cash-flow from his business than he ever had in the previous years of his life whereas he passed away as a rich man with a net worth of $2.5 billion. Moral of this real life story? Pay yourself first!

Pay Yourself First

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Biggest Stock Market Crash in the History of the World

For 3 years, I have studied international law and the right of self-determination. As the right of self-determination is a right entitled to all peoples everywhere on this planet, there are a few keys to self-determination. One of these keys is financial self-sustainability. Financial self-sustainability requires the fundamentals of financial literacy and a lifelong-improved acumen in business. As the world becomes more globalized, the rules have changed to where if we do not accept that global enterprise is the only way to go to be self-sustainable, we will simply be left behind. If we do not wish to become a victim of these new rules we must change our personal paradigms.

In 2002, I read a book that predicted the the real estate bust in 2007 and the biggest stock market crash in the history of the world to happen circa 2016. This book was Rich Dad's Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki. Most people did not believe me when I expressed this newfound knowledge because I was 16 when I read the book and what did I know about the business world as an inexperienced teenager? All I can say is that I sometimes seem to be ahead of the curve and my struggle has been to educate enough people who want to be educated and that seems to be where I need to be ahead of the curve this time around. 5 years after reaching Rich Dad's Prophecy, I find myself in Iraq and the news reported for weeks that the market went through the floor and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. Now that people lost their shirts in 2007, fewer are doing anything about 2016 with the information public.

(Rich Dad's Prophecy)
In 2016, the first of the eldest of the 75 million baby boomers will, by law, be forced to start selling off their 401(k)'s. This makes savers with their savings locked into 401(k)'s, losers, because they will be some of the first to suffer in this calamity. The market will not be able to handle so much instability, so the United States and the world will feel the biggest stock market crash by 2019 in the history of our civilized world. The magnitude will be felt well beyond that of the Great Depression of the 20th century. The question is, what are we doing about this and what should we be doing about this? Most of us are not doing much of anything really at the moment. We are looking for crappy jobs in a crappy economic state to sustain our crappy financial picture. Can we say crap?!

What we should be doing about this is learning how we can prepare ourselves in advance of this economic downfall. 2007-2008 was nothing compared to what is upon us. That alone should motivate the daylights out of anybody to start getting their butts in gear. At least 95% of us today are financially struggling. This means we need to change our financial habits if we want to change our financial picture. Since nature abhors a vacuum (empty space), "change" is the key word of the day. Not many people like change, but the people who do often see the immediate and long-term benefits. The best of these benefits are realized when we change from bad to good habits.

(3 Types of Education)

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Reality and Public Notice of Transcendence

We have become a society linked to a virtual world called the World Wide Web or the Internet. We find ourselves constantly navigating our own social, political, and economic structures as they remain organized and available. It is not irregular anymore for people from distant pasts to connect once again and build onto something once broken.

Today, we have distributed computer projects such as Folding@Home and SETI@home, which are designed to use our unused personal computers to enhance our understanding of diseases and the cosmos, respectively. Pushing the envelope of cyberspace is the ability for the human consciousness to be uploaded to it prior to death. This is a prediction made by futurist, inventor, and entrepreneur, Ray Kurzweil.

In the film, Transcendence, A-list actor Johnny Depp plays Will Caster, a controversial scientist who envisions that when humans and computers become one (a phenomenon coined singularly), our knowledge and abilities to solve problems will be far superior to any human intellect. His mind is uploaded to an analog device after an assassination attempt is made on his life. He then convinces his widow, Evelyn, to upload him to the Internet in order to obtain more knowledge. Kurzweil predicts we will achieve this advancement by the end of the 2030's.

An additional prediction made in the film is that of the ability to have nanotechnology repair the human body to a better state than it was prior to its injury and/or illness. In the film, Caster's associate Martin is mugged and beaten while shopping. Will uses nanites to repair Martin's body where soon thereafter Martin is single-handedly hauling around large solar panel frames and a boy records him and uploads it to the Internet. A large following results. Kurzweil predicts this advancement by the end of the 2020's.

The ultimate goal is for humans to have their human experience and then be uploaded to analog devices in order to solve some of our world's problems. In the meantime, technology will advance to where humans will be injected with a chip, so that all of their information is available and accessible at the ready. Humans are known to have a difficult time accepting change until they come to a point in their life when they are forced to make life-changing decisions.

(Transcendence Trailer)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

United States "Internment/Resettlement" Camps

(Japanese Internment Camp)
A topic discussed this week in a class I have was about Presidential power in the United States, more specifically, the Presidential mandate that sent 110,000 Japanese-Americans to internment (confine someone to political prison) camps. In the case of Korematsu vs United States (1944), the Supreme Court for the People of the United States ruled that herding Japanese-Americans into these camps was, in fact, "constitutional" in order to prevent Japanese espionage post-kamikazi on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Since this was ruled as constitutional in 1944, could this happen again? The answer to this question is a profound yes! In fact, within the last couple of months U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, gave a form of "public notice" that we would be "kidding" ourselves if we believe this would never happen again. Last time this happened, all that was required to initiate "resettlement" was a the stroke of a pen from the Oval Office at the White House.

(Public Notice)
Today, we also have U.S. Army Internment/Resettlement Specialists. The Army literally advertises to the public on a mission to recruit people for these jobs. What most people immediately turn to in this case is stockpiling weaponry and resources in order to delay what they perceive to be the "inevitable battle" between themselves and the government. Perhaps we need the reminder of Saddam Hussein. It does not matter where we hide and it does not matter who we are with or how much in resources we maintain. Somebody always has more and if they want you and your resources, they will get it by any means necessary, even at the cost of yours and your loved one's lives.

There really is only one solution and the solution can be found in The Matrix: Revolutions. Neo has his final conversation with the Oracle and is told that Agent Smith is Neo's "alter ego." In order for Agent Smith to be stopped, Neo must also sacrifice his ego. What does Neo do? He travels to the world of the machines where he asks for peace and if a chance for peace cannot be granted, then he welcomes death. The head machine affords Neo the chance to stop Agent Smith where Neo chooses to do so at the expense of his own life.

At the end of the film, the Architect approaches the Oracle and guarantees that others who wish to exercise the right of self-determination and peaceful settlement are afforded that opportunity. The dawn of a new day is created in Neo's honor. Most of you will not choose this path because "peace is weakness" when we have been raised and programmed in a society to "fight and protect" what we have left. These are not the principles of self-determination and peaceful settlement, which is the only path we have to a "world peace." Self-determination is a core principle granted to every constitutional state in the world, so the only problem we have left is our own ability to simply make a choice. If we do not, the choice is made for us and at the expense of our freedom, if not our lives when the "hammer drops." The question is are we going to fight or are we going to go to peace?

(Neo asks Machine City for Peace)

(Architect Speaks with Oracle)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

(Malaysian Airliner)
On 24 March 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak concluded publicly that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370/MAS370 "ended in South Indian Ocean." What perks a lot of suspicion about this conclusion is that the Malaysian government made this conclusion based off of "new" satellite capabilities with support from London, ENG company INMARSAT (International Maritime Satellite Organization). Harbinger Capital, formerly Zapata Corporation, owns a controlling stake in INMARSAT. Guess who co-founded the Zapata Corporation? Former President George H.W. Bush, the same guy who flatly denies being the same George Bush affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency "at the time" the late President John Fitzgerald Kenny was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Now we have a solid link between the missing MH370 and the Central Intelligence Agency. This means whatever stories we are hearing from the "boob tube" no longer hold water (no pun intended). Why? If you give this scenario even a little critical thought, we are being belt fed crap. No, it does not stop there. The official conclusion is that the plane crashed in waters with low visibility because some satellite data by a CIA-affiliated company in London says that a small, white blob in the middle of the sea serves as its "proof." Very interesting. When was the last time an official conclusion was made without thorough investigation into the matter? WMD's in Iraq? Nuclear weaponry in Iran? The list is endless.

(INMARSAT Satellite Imagery)
Perhaps the most damning of all evidence coming out of this story is delivered out of the phone of Philip Woods, a former passenger of MH370 who served as an expatriate Technical Storage Executive in Malaysia for IBM. This guy somehow managed to post a dark photo on the Internet WITH Exif data. Exif data is the same data our phones use when mapping out directions or take photos and post them to Facebook with our location services enabled. It is simply impossible to dispute Exif data since computers in satellites and phone towers alone process the information. The Exif data from the photo taken is dated the third week of March and reflects that the photo was taken aboard the Chago island of Diego Garcia, a U.S. military base in British-owned territory. With the right programs, anybody can find out the exact geographical location of where a photo was taken via "geo-tracking" or "geo-caching" if location services are active on the user's phone. This does not preclude the idea that someone with nothing else better to do put out information to throw people off from finding some "truth" themselves. Indeed, this might be the case, however; when Exif data is detailed in an image relay, disputing it takes on a whole new level of complicated.

The Exif data reflects:
-7.316197 N
72.426544 E

…maybe this can be considered the "South Indian Ocean"? You decide.

("Geo-Tracking" Capabilities)

Update 12 April 2014:
U.K. Daily News reveals government deniability alludes to coverups.