Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Statism, Anarchism & Self-Government

It is that time of year when tempers are flaring like fireworks on the 4th of July. The combination of high temperatures, lower tempers, and an increase in social interaction has folks embroiled in some very intimately-held topics, namely politics. As of recent, topics dividing folks include, and are not limited to; Ferguson, Israel, and the threat of ISIS on a global scale. This is on top of the resurfacing of positions as they relate to the upcoming anniversary of 9/11. What will be addressed at this time is the seemingly strange war "anarchists" have been waging against "statists."

Now, what is an anarchist and what is a statist? An anarchist believes firmly in the ability to self-govern without a higher authority above themselves whereas a statist believes that both social and economic climates necessitate centralized control. By face value, these are two seemingly opposite political ideologies. That, however; is not the case. Although these two seem theoretically opposite, there are more similarities than differences.

(Symbol for Anarchy)
Anarchism advocates the ability to "self-govern" while statism advocates the control of both economic and social structures. Anarchism, at its core, just as statism, are both "misdirected" and these ideologies would be best served if they, quite frankly, listened to and adopted significant elements from the other. Take the priority of self-government, for example. If self-government is combined with self-control over economic and social determinations, the combination of these, as a collective effort, is that of the Right of Self-Determination - a universal Right all persons on this planet are entitled to, but few will ever achieve. Why will few ever achieve self-government? Few will ever achieve self-government because most are either simply "not interest in politics" when it absolutely affects everyone, "law is complicated," or that even the most astute of scholars are discouraged from pursuing such a quest as they do not understand the substantive nature of perfect freedom and independence. Most everybody only understands a semblance of liberty, which must be granted to be enjoyed. This is far different from perfect freedom and independence.

"Men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others." -- Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, 1907, Jamestown Exposition

In essence, the core of anarchism, by itself, collapses. The same is true for statism. One ideology needs elements of the other in order to pursue a universal right entitled to all persons on this planet. If we take one ingredient out of the mix, the effort is destined to fail. To reinforce this point of the power of unity, the Native American tribes have had tribal council's for as long as they have been around and they work in multi-tribal efforts to achieve larger objectives than a single Native or even an entire tribe can achieve by themselves.

(Satire against Statism)
By universal principle, one man cannot live unto himself. He is required, by nature, to intercourse with others of like mind just as trees cannot live unto themselves. They need carbon dioxide (CO2) to survive. Similarly, a contract requires more than one party of competency to enforce universal obligation and cooperation. When one party fails to satisfy their obligations, the other is fully within their rights to pursue claims. This is why reading contracts is so important even if it appears trivial at the time. Understand the half-dozen or so fundamentals of contracts and the world of business and self-government is yours.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Ferguson Incident

(Ferguson Riots)
This has gone completely out-of-hand and nobody had the entire story until today. We have had many black communities around the United States protesting the "murder" of Michael Brown as an innocent, unarmed teenage boy who was destined to make himself a success by starting College this previous Monday. By all accounts of the media, nothing at all was what it seemed and speculation only caused riots and violence in Ferguson, and protests throughout the country.

It took an entire week for all sides to come forth. First, the public received Brown's family and friend's side. Next, the security footage was made public. Third, the police department is still investigating the matter, but have stated the unofficial version of events. The bottom-line here is that it is not looking favorable for Brown and this might provoke further instability from the black communities both in the City of Ferguson, Missouri and around the States.

(Michael Brown Photos)
Michael Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were both stopped by police as Michael Brown was suspected of stealing cigars from a local store. The story Johnson told the public is that Brown and him were walking the street when the police pulled up out of the nowhere, harassed the pair, and shot several rounds into Brown while Johnson fled the scene in fear for his life. According to the surveillance footage of the convenience store where Brown was suspected of committing his crime, Johnson's story to the public is already compromised.

According to the incident captured in the surveillance footage, Brown can be seen being stopped by a store employee where Brown stiff arms him and Johnson walks right passed the situation as if nothing is happening. After Brown bullies the employee away from him, he walks out behind Johnson with a package in his hand. This indicates that Johnson was not telling the truth, that he is actually an accessory to the commission of Brown's crime and quite possibly guilty of inciting public unrest. Does this mean that the police should have shot and killed Brown? Lethal force can only be used when the officer's life is considered to be endangered, so the only story that justifies these means is Brown reaching for and failing to retrieve the officer's gun before attempting to outrun the officer's line-of-sight. The only two remaining first-hand eyewitnesses are Johnson and the officer whereas Johnson's word is no longer reliable.

(Reverend Al Sharpton in Ferguson, MO)
Mainstream media has likewise been perhaps the largest culprit of the situation out in Ferguson. They published that Reverend Al Sharpton made an appearance on behalf of Brown's family and that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is raising money as a reward for the officer shooting a "thug." President Obama made a comment about ensuring "justice is done" for Michael Brown and the group, Anonymous, made an egregious error. They hacked the police department's database and published the identity of an officer having nothing to do with the incident, which put someone else' life in danger. Not exactly the type of environment conducive to cultivating a peaceful atmosphere. This incident has sparked yet another discussion between leaders of the "race-baiting movement" when race is not the problem. The real problem here is crime and whether the conditions of the situation justifies the means.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ICC Rejects Palestine's Claim Against Israel Once Again

(United Nations HQ in New York)
The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the State of Palestine filed charges against the State of Israel with the International Criminal Courts (ICC) at the Hague in July 2014 to be heard by the Court's prosecutor. The prosecutor rejected Palestine's filing for prosecution based on the assumption that Palestine's 2009 Declaration of Competency is no longer valid and thus no signatory membership by the State of Palestine with respect to the jurisdiction of the Rome Statute of the ICC.

There are two pertinent questions-at-hand to identify Palestine's legitimacy in this action and the jurisdiction of the ICC. One of them is if Palestine is recognized, by the family of nations, as a State. According to a vote by the U.N. General Assembly on 29 November 2012, they were indeed recognized as a "non-member observer State." Satisfies that condition. The second question is whether they were a signatory member to the Rome Statute of the ICC. There appears to be two pieces of supporting evidence here. The first is that on 21 January 2009, the Palestinian National Authority formally accepted (authorized) the jurisdiction of the Courts. The second is that their status ("state-us") was upgraded in which we we will get to that in a moment. If Palestine was both recognized as a State and they formally accepted the Court's jurisdiction, wherein lies the problem?

(U.N. General Assembly)
In September 2012, the State of Palestine applied for an upgrade in their status from "observer entity" to "non-member observer State" in which Palestine would now be eligible to join treaties and participate in many international programs to include the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and what else? The ICC! What this means is that while the State of Palestine is an actual member of the family of nations, the 2009 Declaration of Competency was recognized when the U.N. voted in favor of recognizing Palestine as a Statehood in November 2012. This would seem to fully render the ICC's justification for rejecting Palestine's claims both unfounded and without merit.

It now appears that while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pleading with U.S. lawmakers to defend his actions against the likes of Gaza, Palestine the ICC is now pulling at straws with prejudice against the State of Palestine, which is still in the process of applying for full membership with the U.N.  If the State of Israel is to finally come under trial for international crimes, members of their government could face prison time and the State could face reparations to Palestine, which would be another diplomatic setback for the United States and Israel after Palestine was formally recognized as a State in November 2012 against their best wishes. Israel has refused and continues to refuse signing onto the ICC program.

This Court's rejection appears to be a violation of the honors and privileges that come with being an observer State of the U.N., a violation of the Law of Nations, and ultimately a violation of the Right of Self-Determination as an independent agency. A violation against the Rights of one State is a violation against the entire family of nations and this is why lawyers from around the world are assisting the Ministries of the State of Palestine in pleading with the ICC and filing against the State of Israel at this time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

America to Face Serious Repercussions

(Usama bin Laden)
The story has been repeated for 13 years this September 2014. 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers turned Muslim extremists with box-cutters took over 3 planes on 9/11/01 in what has been considered the most sophisticated terrorist attack in the history of the United States. 3,000 people in America lost their lives while millions overseas lost theirs after waking a "sleeping giant."

In June of 2008, I was reading a book from author, Robert Kiyosaki, after my deployment to Fallujah, Iraq. I made a comment on Facebook about the financial disaster known as the finances of federal government programs and a friend from the high school days shared with me something that would literally change the course of my life. It was the original Zeitgeist documentary.

Before the day I watched this film, I was perhaps one of the most motivated U.S. Marines you would have ever met. I arrived to work earlier than anybody else and left later than most everyone. I enjoyed what I did. In fact, I joined the Marines on the 4th anniversary in honor of my patriotic duty. After watching this documentary, a journey hit me up the broadside of the head. Since life turned into this direction, many labels have been called, namely "conspiracy theorist," where many of us have lost "friends" in the process. We have also gained many and that has made a world of difference.

(Direction of the United States)
Now several years later, I have come to the unequivocal conclusion that the United States has a serious problem. I would not even say that it is just the United States. The whole world is wrought with strife and grief, however; there is a huge wave of repercussion in store for the United States for what happened after 9/11 and I will tell you why.

After 9/11, the people of the United States were scared and very upset. They wanted blood because they just received a hit "below the belt" when they were forced to take cover or risk their lives. America changed. We became more focused on the security of our nation than anything else. We freely gave up whatever was necessary to "protect our freedoms" and sent our boys to "liberate" Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since the waging of these conflicts, the holes in the official 9/11 story have grown much larger with key information still classified under the banner of "national security," yet the information is merely business related between the highest levels of federal government and foreign powers. The key information referred to here are 28 pages of information under a section headlined as "Specific Sources of Foreign Support" that point to foreign financial aid from Saudi Arabia and Israeli intelligence in the facilitation of these attacks. Israeli officials are now pressuring the U.S. government to suppress this material from public view. Congressional figures are working counter to the Israelis to disclose this information on or about the 13th anniversary of these attacks.

(Post-WWI Reparations in Germany)
As of recent, we have seen many, very astute figures in our American society not only boycott support of Israel following a rumored genocide, but some have gone so far as to denounce atrocities committed against the Palestinian nation and Gaza. Should the information of Israeli support of these attacks surface into the public ether, they will be on the hook for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and war reparations against the United States. So to might Saudi depending on how complicit the United States was in a possible "self-inflicted" wound to garner congressional support and pump cash into the military industrial complex. Although Saudi and Israel might be on the hook for reparations against the United States, the United States will be responsible for the same to both Afghanistan and Iraq where many of our own troops as well as people of those nations will have died in vain if it all unfolds in this most unfortunate fashion.

This is not a pretty picture for the United States and its closest foreign allies because we will be seen as a hasty and irresponsible domain home to unstable morons who will pick up a weapon to pick off whomever at the slightest mention of patriotism, a paycheck and benefits. As mentioned in previous articles, Hollywood is very good at "hiding" notices in their films. Below, you will see a clip that bears a striking resemblance to one of the most traumatic events of our modern-day, 9/11, and the film was released in 1996. Before this I will say that I envision a crises that will affect every American in the United States. When these reparations, as serious as that of Germany post-WWI, come down the pike, the United States will be looking for citizens to pay up. Citizens will refuse because they have protested these wars as the federal government ignored them. This might be the last straw that breaks the camels back and an American Revolution could very well begin on this note.

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Note from a "Posterity" of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
When referencing "Posterity," it is used in the most liberal fashion of the term as this blood relative spoken of never did bear children of their own. In fact, Samuel Huntington, adopted and raised his niece and nephew as his own when his brother passed away. Sam pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor among 56 other men when he signed the Declaration of Independence, but he also signed the Articles of Confederation a mere 5 years later. He signed the Articles of Confederation while sitting as the President of the Continental Congress Assembled, so he is arguably the very first President of the United States because the "United States" was first mentioned in these Articles and it had operative qualities as the colony's first constitutional compact.

Although Sam was a farm boy and a couple of his siblings were privileged with attending Yale University, he studied at his own pace and decided at 16 that he would study law. By 23, he was admitted by the Kingdom of Britain to practice law. When he was the sitting President, he was faced with the climax of the American Revolutionary War where many of this predecessors betrayed the United States and became English-sympathizers. What might come as a shock to many is that the Articles of Confederation, of which was signed under his watch, was perhaps the single most offensive writing against the commercial and diplomatic relations between the United States and the English Crown in their history of relations. The reason for this is because it violated multiple different provisions in multiple different treaties between the British North American Colonies and the Crown, thus also violating the internationally adopted Law of Nations.

Samuel Huntington
After several weeks of contemplation, the decision was made to clear a great deal of confusion up about the Declaration of Independence. Many scholars concede to the erroneous idea that this document was somehow a "declaration of war." This can be no further from the truth. If this was a declaration of war, how then could the American Revolutionary War have been fought for nearly 15 months already? It could not have. The American Revolutionary War would have had to began on or about 4 July 1776, thus it was not a declaration of war. It was simply a tort claim and this tort claim was against King George for the atrocities committed against the members of the British North American Colonies. It was not until 1783 that the American Revolutionary War ended only because of the Peace Treaty of Paris. Once this treaty was formed, leaders of the United States were required to sign the Constitution for the People of the United States into operation, thus succeeding the Articles of Confederation.

The Declaration of Independence is understood to have power behind it because of "American independence." This is grossly misunderstood. Where does power come from? Power comes from having the correct information and taking actionable cause with that information. If the United States really had independence, why then is the United States still indebted to the English Crown? The reason for the American Revolutionary War was because the colonists believed they could abscond from their financial obligations to the Crown for protecting them during the French-Indian War. The same happened during the Civil War, which might be why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and that also lends to the notion that John Kennedy would have been assassinated for the same reason.

Most Presidents Related to King John
The Constitution is a debt instrument where the debt must be paid every four years on the 5th of November. This is why Section 4 of the 14th Amendment reads: "The validity of the public debt of the United States…shall NOT be questioned." It is not widely known that most all U.S. Presidents have had blood relations with the English Crown and that, accordingly to Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8: "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States." This means that the U.S. President is "presiding" over the debt of the nation and his actions must be in consensus with the English Crown. An Esquire is a title of nobility, but can only be granted admission to practice law in the United States via the British Accreditation Regency (BAR).

In the legal field, we often hear that "ignorance of the law is no excuse." If law is based on contractual arrangements, ignorance of the law has no power in the course of daily affairs.

(The Newsroom)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Stigma of Network Marketing

I was exposed to network marketing when I was a teenager in high school. I never heard of it before and it sounded like a very smart business model. By helping others, who wanted to help themselves, succeed I also succeed. When I began sharing with others the idea of making money together, I was met with more resistance than I had initially expected only because of the business model. "Oh, is this one of those pyramids?" How about "I don't like taking advantage of my friends and family"? Or "That looks like a Ponzi scheme"?

So, why all the stigma? First off is people do not like being sold to - emphasis on NOT! - and we are bombarded with over 3,000 advertisements daily. It is all noise and mostly crap! What are people receptive too? Sharing. If a rumor can be spread like wildfire so to can the word of a good product in the hands of a social butterfly or even a few people. Most people will not share anything other than their opinion of another person, the latest political fiasco, or what they thought about a film after watching it. Just look at Facebook. Everybody has a story and 99% of them share their ideas for free while Facebook makes the money. Hmmm…I wonder why Facebook is the largest company in the world now?

Secondly, Americans are well known for being "too trusting" yet too lazy to do their own homework, so they easily fall wayside into a scam. The problem here is that Americans have become too lazy to do their own homework on much of anything anymore. We are complacent; broke enough to complain and comfortable enough not to do anything about it. Americans complain all of the time about Nigerian scammers and how they lost a great deal of of money. Has anybody you know ever not been sent to the cleaners by another American? I didn't think so.

How the world sees Americans
What is the point? Do your homework! Rich people can tell if a person is too lazy and ignorant for their own good when that person will begin resisting a partnership BEFORE that same person performs their own due diligence. If that person continues to resist looking things up, they just crossed the line of ignorance to stupidity. Most of the time, the concern of a Ponzi scheme, pyramid or otherwise is predicated on one's fear of being disturbed and getting off the couch. Why? They are comfortable enough not to do anything about their situation.

Third and finally, most Americans have never been successful at any business, let alone network marketing. Why? Because most people here in America do not understand how to do business or perform beyond the classroom. They never knew anybody who had a successful business and, if they did, they never inquired to learn from them. We glorify academics and a professional education instead. Then, we wonder why the Indians from India are running all of the convenient stores, the Mexicans have all of the landscaping businesses, Asians are dominating medical practices, and the far East has the oil industry by the balls.

95% of Americans today are looking for job security in a world that requires a business opportunity for financial security. We are now a globalized marketplace and Americans are still primarily focused on a job. Every other market outside of the United States is on fire right now when it comes to network marketing. A millionaire is made every 5 days. Why? They are hungry and we are comfortable. The world economy has moved on, but will Americans move with it? One thing is for sure. If we don't get our butts in gear, we are toast.

The Business of the 21st Century

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Get Rich? Pay Yourself First!

(70/30 Rule)
Most everyone we know spends what they receive, whether it is a job, small business, or licensed practice. Ancient Babylon is known as one of the wealthiest civilizations in the history of mankind. Why? People from ancient Babylon were known to pay themselves first. This means that as soon as they received their pay, they would pay themselves first before paying their bills. At least 10 percent was devoted to church/charitable missions, 10 percent was devoted to their savings, and 10 percent to investments/business. This is known as the "70/30 Rule."

People today do not pay themselves first. This has become a forgotten financial principle that the Jewish culture practices to this day and people wonder why the Jewish culture is so rich. They might be considered "greedy" in many ways from those outside of their communities, but they are smart when it comes to finance. I was guilty of not paying myself first for most of my life. In fact, when I was 18 years of age I devoted most of every paycheck to building my business. When my one-man-bandwagon went defunct, so did my personal finances. I hardly devoted any of my earnings to my church and I did not save anything. Everything else went to my monthly bills. I set myself up for failure.

Today, the rules are no different. When we follow the "pay ourself first" habit we might notice something real quick. We are not paying "ourselves" anything. When we devote any given percentage of our income to the three different categories I mentioned above, none of the monies technically result in our own immediate benefit. Business requires that we service others, church or charity requires that we service others, and putting some aside in savings services others - whomever we choose to leave it with after we leave this earth. When we save and if we have any sense of self-control and discipline about ourselves and respect for money, those funds are out of our hands forever.

If you have never heard of the story of the late Paul J. Meyer (1928-2009), you are in for a real treat and a good illustration of my point. Mr. Meyer was known as the "father of the motivational industry" after he founded Success Motivation International, Inc. in 1960. Near the end of this life, Mr. Meyer had a single goal and that goal was to die broke after having earned many millions over the length of his career. How did he plan to accomplish this? He hired two accountants with the primary job of giving his money away to worthy charitable causes. The problem he ran into real fast was that for every dollar he gave away he would generate a multiple of this through his business. Before long, he quickly began receiving more cash-flow from his business than he ever had in the previous years of his life whereas he passed away as a rich man with a net worth of $2.5 billion. Moral of this real life story? Pay yourself first!

Pay Yourself First